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 - Parish Youth Group -

 - Welcome to St. Patrick's Youth Group -  

Dear Friends,

Last September we established a new youth group in this parish.

I would to begin by thanking all those parents who supported this group by encouraging their children to attend.  I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the wonderful youth leaders who worked tirelessly organising and sharing their time with the children.

Youth groups are a very important ministry within the Church and especially in our parishes.  It is a wonderful opportunity for young people of the parish and town to come together to share their faith in a safe, happy and enjoyable environment.

We now have nine leaders who will work with myself in leading and managing this group.  All leaders have been PVG checked approved by the Archdiocese.

Our plan is to restart on Thursday 31st August and meet almost every Thursday in the Parish Hall during the school year. 
The evening will be starting at

  • 6.30pm and conclude at 8pm

​During our time together we will have a 

  • Spiritual Talk

  • Group Activities

  • Tuck Shop

  • Activities - (Pool, Football, Hockey, Table Football, Board Games, Electronic Games, Crafts etc) to suit all individuals.

We conclude the evening with Night Prayer.  We will also have a Film Night every so often.  Every four to six weeks we will have an outing (view calendar).

The Youth Group is open to all children from the parish and beyond irrespective of their faith. The age range is from

  • Primary 5 to Second Year at High School

The entry cost per week will be

  • £1.50

This charge will be used to subsidise the transport for the outings.

At present the CO-OP has chosen our Youth Group as one of their named charities until October this year.  Can i ask that you try and support your local CO-OP shop and Funeral Directors.  It is our intention in the near future to apply to other agencies for grants and funding.  We also plan to have other fund raising activities during the next ten months, your support will be much appreciated.  We do ask all our Youth to support this group.  it's thanks to the participation of the parish Youth that this group is possible and so we would ask parents to encourage their children to come along.  View the yearly calendar for dates when group meets and outings that are planned.  


Can i draw your intention to a Parents Meeting we are holding on 

  • Thursday 21st September at 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall

At this meeting we will explain some of our plans for the future, especially our planned Summer Weekend Trip.  I hope you can come along.

Download and complete

  • Registration Form and return to the Parish House or bring it to the first Youth Group session on the 31st August 2017.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,

Fr. Daniel

 - Calendar of Events - 


 - Faslane on Sunday 1st October 2017 - 

The kids had a wonderful day out and they had the opportunity to see the Police dogs in action they also got taken through the armoured car vehicle and then
showing all the equipment they use such as each type of rifles the kids had the chance to hold these and got taken through daily tasks each member of staff have to do. The kids got to see submarine and the controls room with all the cameras and equipment and had the chance to use the system and talk to staff and they asked many questions. Thanks the MOD and the friendly staff that gave the kids a great day to remember.

Trip to Celtic Park

 - St Patrick's Youth Group Cheque to CHAS - 

Last month Catherine McGrath gave a power point presentation to the parish youth group on the work of CHAS. In response to this, the children and leaders from the did a sponsored walk locally and raised £800. Well done!

St. Patrick's Church Kilsyth

 - Senior Youth Group outing to Extreme Karting 

St Patrick's Youth Group final night before the summer break enjoyed the Eden Bus - a place full of fun - climbing, Mario kart, Fifa, nail bar and lots more!

 - St. Patrick's Junior Group - Latest Trip - 

St Patrick's Youth Group final night before the summer break enjoyed the Eden Bus - a place full of fun - climbing, Mario kart, Fifa, nail bar and lots more!

youth trip.jpg

 - St. Patrick's Youth Group Visit to Celtic Park - 

Youth Group’s day out to Celtic Park on Saturday 15th February. The children had a great time including Fr Sean. We would like to than Celtic FC for their kind hospitality on the day.

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 - St. Patrick's Youth Group restarts 26th Aug 2021 - 

Parish Youth Group restarted last Thursday and was a great success. This group is opened to all young people who are in Primary 5 to Primary 7 and S1 in high school. Details have been issued through the school and for those who do not attend St Patrick’s School, there are letters and forms at the front door of the parish house. This group was started five years ago and was very popular with many of our young in, so please encourage your children to come along.  

Innoflate2 (1).jpg

Parish Youth Outing to Innoflate, Cumbernauld took place Thu 7th October and was great success.

We had 70 kids who had the most wonderful two hours.

Thank you to the leaders who organised the event and looked after the kids.

We are on holiday next week and restart on Thursday 21st October.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Youth group leaders farewell meal with Fr Daniel at the Cotton House. A lovely evening.

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