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- Benedict XVI-Visit to Scotland -

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI arrived at Edinburgh Airport on Thursday the 16th September 2010 amid scenes of joy where he was officially welcomed by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and was quickly whisked away in a security cavalcade to Holyrood Palace. There he was to be formally welcomed on a State Visit to the United Kingdom by Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the nation.


The streets of Edinburgh were lined with well wishers as well as the faithful who greeted the tartan draped Pope - a greeting which sent a message to the rest of the United Kingdom, that Benedict was welcome here!

Later that day, after lunch it was a commute along the M8 for His Holiness to Glasgow and Mass at Bellhouston Park. Naturally the thoughts of many turned to that wonderful day, Tuesday the 1st June 1982, when Pope John Paul II also said Mass for the people of Scotland in Glasgow. Well Thursday the 16th September 2010 was to be no less memorable!

The principle concelebrant of the Mass with Benedict XVI was our own Scottish Cardinal (and former assistant priest from St Patrick's Kilsyth) Keith Patrick Cardinal O'Brien. Our Parish Priest Fr James Tracy was a concelebrant at the Mass along with many other Priests and Bishops from across all of the Diocese in Scotland.


Our former Assistant Priest and frequent visitor from Rome, Rev. Fr. Scott Deeley, had an important role to play the days events. He had to attend the BBC in Glasgow to operate the TV subtitles for the passages of the Bellahouston Mass where Latin was used during the consecration. Apparently no-one at the BBC understands Latin any more - changed days!

The people of St Patrick's Kilsyth had organised a large contingent to attend Glasgow but there was also a large number of our parishioners who met early at Croy station and travelled to spend the morning in Edinburgh with their Pope.

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