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You rejoice in the birth of a new baby. The Church rejoices with you in your new child who is brought to Jesus Christ and to the New Life of grace which he gives us in the waters of Baptism

 - Information for Parents - 

Jesus said :


"Let the little children come to me

  for it is to such as these that the

  kingdom of God belongs".

  (Mark 10:15)

As soon as possible after the birth of your child, make an appointment to see the Parish Priest who will arrange with you a suitable date for the Baptism. 
Details will also be taken about yourselves and the Christian names you have chosen for your baby.  These details will eventually be entered in the Baptismal Register and on the Baptismal Certificate.  A provisional date and time for the Baptism will then be fixed.

 - Time - 

The preferable time for a Baptism is during one of the Sunday Masses, or for serious reason at another time.

 - Older Children - 

For children over the age of about a year and up to seven, it is usually necessary to arrange a short practice for the child.  Experience shows that these older children become very anxious or apprehensive if they are not prepared beforehand by being familiarised with the font and the procedure of pouring water etc.  For children over the age of seven some sort of short instruction may be necessary before Baptism.  This can be provided by one of the parish team of helpers.

 - Godparents - 

Both godparents should really be confirmed and practising Roman Catholics since they are to care for, and to watch over, the development of the Catholic faith of the child.  If both cannot be Roman Catholics, at least one godparent must be a practising Roman Catholic. If one non-Catholic is chosen he/she must be a baptised Christian.

Please note that a non-Christian, that is someone who is not baptised cannot be a godparent, although a person from another Christian Church would be permitted, but they must be reminded of their responsibility to support the Catholic upbringing of the child.

Godparents must be over 16 years of age.  Parents may not be godparents, but all other relatives may be godparents.

If you have not finally decided the names of the godparents when the Baptism is arranged you may let us know any changes just before the

actual Baptism. If it is difficult for godparents to get to the Baptism then it is possible to have someone else to stand "proxy" for them.

 - Your Responsibilities as Parents - 

To bring your children for Baptism is to bring them to new life in Jesus Christ and entry into his Holy Catholic Church.  During the Baptism ceremony you will promise to bring your child up in the practice of the Catholic faith. The spiritual upbringing of your children is firstly your responsibility as parents, given to you by God and supported by the grace you received in the sacrament of marriage.  You are aided in this by the godparents, and also by the whole ministry of the Catholic Church, the wider family into which your child is baptised.  As well as trying to live a good Christian and Catholic life, this will mean teaching your children to pray and praying with them, coming to Mass regularly, and helping to prepare your child for the other sacraments of Confession, Confirmation and Holy Communion  when the time comes.

 - The Catholic Schools - 

In carrying out your responsibilities for the religious development of your child you are also taught by the Church to send your child to a Catholic School where the grace of Baptism will be nourished. You are urged to contact the local Catholic School to arrange a place for your child.

Our Catholic Primary School is :

St. Patrick’s School, Backbrae St., Kilsyth, G65 0NA

Tel: 01236 757659

 - Emergencies - 

A child who is seriously ill should be baptised at once. The priest will arrange to carry out the Baptism immediately, at home or in hospital.  If the child is in hospital the staff should be asked to call the Roman Catholic chaplain.  Later when the child has recovered, it is possible, if requested by the family, to have another ceremony in church to complete the simple emergency baptism and to invite the godparents, family and friends.

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